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Robert Garcet, his work, his time and history

Robert Garcet, his work, his time and history

The tower

Four cherubs stand above our heads.
Three powerful verbs challenge us: Love, Think, Create.

Three substantives are sounding with the cries of revolutions: Freedom – Equality – Fraternity.

And a banner with a lapidary sentence ... “...and no more will we learn to war...”

Amidst all this, a simple man, a man endowed by nature with many talents and an uncommon intelligence.

And yet, only a man of his time ...

It is a place of memory, emotion, interrogation, exaltation and hope, for the generation that experienced the greatest two world wars.

The thought and paths of Robert Garcet

The thought and paths of Robert Garcet

1st Floor

This first exposition room retraces life and works of Robert.

It’s divided into 6 distinct sections (like, thought, create - liberty, equality, fraternity), this exposition is an occasion to enter in the life of Robert and shares visit’s space of his passions and fights.

This room is the departure point of the visit of Eben-Ezer’s Tower.

The cherubs’ room

The cherubs’ room

2nd Floor

In the cherubs’ room, Robert Garcet has put all his art at the service of his philosophical thought.

It gathers all his symbolic. The supports he used mostly derived from John’s Apocalypse as well as from the prophet Ezekiel’s spirits.

Exhibition with interactive support

The reception room

The reception room

3rd Floor

In this area, you can find, among other, information on the various exhibitions, events,… involving the museum.

You can also buy there catalogs, books, postcards ... in order to detail your visit of the museum.

The story of the construction of the Tower

The story of the construction of the Tower

5th Floor

Eben-Ezer was designed and built by Robert Garcet as of the 1950s.
Its completion is still in process.

The construction is made of flint stones, from the neighborhood.

The flint is exploited in the Geer valley since 1930 and it continues according to the same methods as then.

The Tower very implantation site is a former quarry, as well as all the surrounding wooded areas...

The site strives to regain its former natural state. We want to preserve this décor and therefore, we ask you to avoid all acts that might deteriorate it.

Eben-Ezer is an artistic creation, both in its whole as well as in each sculpture and in each stone used.

The Thebah

The Thebah

5th Floor

Reconstitution of the Thebah based on a scene from the Novel of the Thebah, an Eben-Ezer edition.

In the Thebah

"At the origin, the first continent encircled the northern sea. In those days, we, among ourselves, artisans of all excavations for a mile around, geometers of all angles, farmers and shepherds with infinite horizons, craftsmen and artists of the flint-art, we confusedly felt that something was going to happen".

The Thebah is a troglodytic city, discovered in the 60s in the valleys of the Geer and the Berwinne.

The world of the Thébah is situated at the confines of the great floods of the Tertiary, during and after.

They lived the last hours of the golden age.

The stone-figures.

Under the sign of the apocalypse

Under the sign of the apocalypses

5th Floor

Throughout this catalog, we show you a different aspect of Eben-Ezer and its author.

You most likely have your own interpretation of the works of Robert Garcet.
We want to add to it his intentions, the conducting thread.

None of his works should be taken in the first sense: look for the symbolism, the philosophical sense, its position in the numerical order and the artistic expression of the feelings animating it.

Each representation has its own meaning but its environment restores it in the author’s symbolic, plastic and historic universe.

Several years were needed to complete some of his works.
Generally, he led several projects concurrently - painting, sculpture, sculpting and writing – on a same subject.

His written works often provide keys for his sculptures.

The diversity of his expressions leaves no one indifferent.
It gives them harmony despite the eclecticism and sometimes the darkness of the atmospheres.

Bestiary of the apocalypse.

Bestiary of the apocalypse.

5th Floor

In the bowels of earth; Robert Garcet has buried his ideas, reproduced symbols and built a whole universe reminding us of the images en figures of the apocalypse.

Robert Garcet discovers the Cretaceous.

Robert Garcet discovers the Cretaceous.

6th Floor

The exhibition proposes to discover the Cretaceous, an episode of the Mesozoic era.

All this happened a long time ago: 100 million years (50 to 135 million years).
We were here in the middle of an ocean.

The Cretaceous ocean has left a sedimentary massif with a layer of over 200 meters according to the territories.

There we discover fossils of all species: mollusks, gastropods, cephalopods, echinoderms...saurians, turtles, the banks of flint...

The open quarries in the Lower Meuse and in the Geer valley constitute many revelatory pages of the “Living” at this period.

The “Geospadium”

The “Geospadium”

6th Floor

In the “Geospadium”, we invite you to join us on an imaginary journey during the secondary period, the cretaceous.

To realize this journey, you will use a computer and go back in time at your own rhythm.

Once in your imaginary vessel, you will be in the secondary period.