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The Tower of Eben-Ezer is a monument dedicated to Peace, erected since 1950. Soaring towards the sky, four cherubim at the four cardinal points send their symbolic message to the world. Its seven levels lead to a platform surrounded at the corners by 4 turrets surmounted by cherubim.

It is built with flint stones from region quarries. Its raw allure gives it a unique and fantastic character. Eben-Ezer is the image of Liberty-Equality-Fraternity based on Love-Think-Create.

Eben-Ezer is Robert Garcet's museum, each room is animated and brings to life the work of a lifetime, its discoveries: its writings, sculptures, discoveries, philosophies.

Museum of Flint

Tower of Eben-Ezer

The Tower of Eben-Ezer

Of an unusual and unexpected character, the Tower of Eben-Ezer is full of thoroughly thought symbolic: nothing in its construction has been built at random!

Towers, such as the Tower of Babel, the Ziggurats or the dungeons of the Middle Age, have always symbolized the link between mankind and gods. Indeed, these constructions anchor their foundations in the depths of earth and soar towards the sky. So, they realize the symbolic connection between the underworld, the surface and the gods’ domain.
By analogy, the Tower of Eben-Ezer is the way given to humans to reach other spheres through knowledge.

The Tower of Eben-Ezer represents Humanity as symbolized in the Bible by the Heavenly Jerusalem, mythical city with its sides of 12.000 stadiums (2160 km). With a much smaller space at his disposal, Robert GARCET nevertheless maintained this proportion in his work: the sides of the Tower of Eben-Ezer measure 12 meters.

The broken rifle

The name itself "Eben-Ezer" was given to this hill by Robert GARCET.

This name is meaningful. Indeed, according to the Bible, it’s the place where Samuel erected, in 1038 BC, a stone to symbolize the finally recovered peace.

The Tower of Eben-Ezer, built at the end of World War II, has been erected against war and all forms of violence. Therefore, each year at the spring solstice a banner floats on which can be read: "... and no more will we learn to war ..."

We mention here only a few examples of the symbolic of the Tower of Eben-Ezer. We could use this site entirely but this is not our objective ... Rather, we invite you to discover more by yourself during a visit between dreams and mythology.

The broken rifle